President's Message

Mr. Peter Jakobsen, Honorary President

Chefs Association of Pakistan (CAP) is very fortunate to have received support from the industry since its inception. Through our commitment and dedication to the welfare of Pakistan's chefs and our profession, the CAP's network is growing with each passing day. Our efforts of reaching out to as many Pakistani chefs as possible are ongoing. We are especially thankful for your support towards our goals and objectives. We are committed to promoting the growth of Pakistani cuisine, our brilliant chefs and the chef profession across the globe. Through our strong connection with the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), the CAP maintains a platform for our nation's chefs to prosper and learn; for Pakistani cuisine to be revived and presented as one of the authentic world cuisines. With your warm and very positive response, the CAP has been successfully bringing about constructive changes in the professional lives of all Pakistani chefs serving in the country or abroad through higher education, advanced training, apprenticeships and certifications while creating a fraternal bond of respect and integrity among chefs not only in Pakistan but also in the international arena. As a firm believer in the wise saying, "United We Stand, Divided We Fall", we welcome you all under the banner of the CAP. Congratulations!