Goals & Objectives

" Chefs are Global Citizens "

The objectives of the association are as follows:

To group together the elite among culinary professionals in order to:

»Create links of friendship, professional co-operation and mutual understanding.

»Promote cooking recipes, high quality products and technical knowledge.

»Be a major influence in the training and recruiting of young personnel to increase professional standards within the industry in Pakistan.

»Encourage the cncerned govt. departments to extend technical and financial support to the association in different areas.

»Foster information and communication within all levels of the hospitality industry.

»Sponsor professional exchnage of personnel scholarships locally and internationally .

»Arrange food festivals, national / international culinary competitions and bursaries.

Organize with various related professional bodies and educational establishments, training courses apprenticeship schemes and related vocotional links.

»Promote, foster and encourage the culinary art and related studies, to create awareness and importance of Pakistan to provide its own source of professionally accomplished culinary personnel.

»Promote the impotance of the official master chefs certification.